I do yoga with Jeanne Kennedy at Foxhollow on Thursdays. For an hour and half Jeanne leads us through postures in a gorgeous rural setting. She is careful about correctness and I have been astounded what postures I can accomplish and how beneficial they are to my body and mind. This day is the highlight of my week!
Abigail R.
Yoga with Jeanne combines the best elements of the Iyengar tradition- alignment, precision, and support - with her own kindness, humility, and curiosity. Each class is different, according to the needs of the people in the room. She honors the spiritual purpose of yoga with a non-dogmatic and inclusive approach. I’m very fortunate to have the benefit of her instruction.
Paula K.
Yoga with Jeanne Kennedy is an absolutely rewarding experience. Jeanne is able to effectively meld her knowledge, practice, and love of yoga into her class. She is intuitive to each of her student’s abilities which ensures the best yoga lesson. As a yoga novice, I can truly see my own progression with yoga both during the class and in my daily life.
Carol N.
Jeanne Kennedy has been my yoga teacher for about twenty years (Yikes!). As a teacher, she is always good-humored, patient, and helpful. She not only explains what we should do but she encourages and answers questions effectively as she demonstrates and gives us the individual attention we need to grow. And while I know I am not the easiest student--sometimes I get disappointed in myself and my inabilities--her encouragement and light-handed critical care keep me working and improving.
Mary R.
Attending Jeanne's class allows me to reset things: body, mind and spirit. It is a point of reference in my week. Jeanne's commitment to teaching is clear. Students come to class with all types of issues and she always has an idea for a modification or poses to help us. Jeanne shares her deep knowledge of Iyengar practice so that we too can experience the benefits in our lives.
Rachelle S.